Buy Me a Sandwich

This is the page where you can buy me a sandwich. (Disclaimer: I may not actually use your money to buy sandwiches, and might instead spend it on more sensible groceries such as bread and rice.)

Donate Button

I plan to make a kind-of-crappy randomizer for every $150 in donations I receive (current total: $450). I’ll also consider simple commissions for around the same price, more complicated commissions for a higher price.

Want to support me and/or my projects but don’t have the dough? You’ve got options.

  1. Stream my randomizers or share them on social media. I really just like it when people play my stuff.
  2. Go read Twig, by Wildbow. You might already be familiar with his previous work, Worm, but Twig is even better, and it doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves.