FF: Dawn of Souls Approaching Chaos Randomizer

I’m pleased to announce this Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls randomizer. Special thanks to DoodSF for commissioning this randomizer!

  • Randomization flags include:
    • Monster AI
    • Character Class Stats
    • Encounters
    • Monster Stats and Drops
    • Shops
    • Items and Equipability
    • Spells and Spell Equipability
    • Treasure Chests


Currently, only the FF1 side of the game is randomized. The FF2 side is planned for a future version.

Like the Lufia 2 randomizer, this features a customizable “randomness” slider.

Download (Windows executable)


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FF6 Exit Rando


Here’s a bonus randomizer: FF6 Exit Rando (IPS patch)

Rom hash: e986575b98300f721ce27c180264d890 (FF3 US 1.0)

After patching: a8cd2e14d4d3db860d7e543f1887ce85

Summary: It sucks. But it’s theoretically completable? But it sucks! I enabled “save anywhere” and “warp anywhere” mods to make it suck a little less. Maybe you could use it for bingo races or something? You can use anything for bingo races.

Lufia 2: Terror Wave

Finally, a randomizer for Lufia 2. This one has some new features.

  • Randomization flags include:
    • Characters
    • Items and Equipment
    • Learnable Spells
    • Monsters
    • Capsule Monsters
    • Shops
    • Treasure Chests
  • A customizable “randomness” slider. Crank it up to maximum if you want jellies to have endgame boss stats.
  • Supports both North American and Japanese versions, plus the Fixxxer Deluxe mod that debugs and decensors the North American version (IPS patch included).
  • Retry and Gift modes unlocked by default.
  • A newer, extra-stable randomization method to improve consistency and prevent bugs and randomization leaks.

Download (Windows executable)


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