FF: Dawn of Souls Approaching Chaos Randomizer

I’m pleased to announce this Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls randomizer. Special thanks to DoodSF for commissioning this randomizer!

  • Randomization flags include:
    • Monster AI
    • Character Class Stats
    • Encounters
    • Monster Stats and Drops
    • Shops
    • Items and Equipability
    • Spells and Spell Equipability
    • Treasure Chests


Like the Lufia 2 randomizer, this features a customizable “randomness” slider.

Download (Windows executable)


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4 thoughts on “FF: Dawn of Souls Approaching Chaos Randomizer”

  1. How difficult might it be to add compatibility to the FF1 side of the ‘Mod Of Balance’ patch? A *lot* of the code-related stuff would still be the same, chest locations, enemy ID’s, etc, though they tweak gear (and may’ve added a few), altered the spell system for balance, and removed class changes (in favor of 12 static classes, over 6 changing classes, to remove any reason to LLG a run). I know it wouldn’t be a quick copy-paste, but how hard would it be to make this an option?


    1. I haven’t tried it but it’s possible it already works out of the box, the randomizer won’t recognize the rom but you can force it to execute anyway. I’ll take a look at this while I’m fixing the (numerous) bugs in this randomizer.

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    2. Just a follow-up. I did have to make some changes to get Mod of Balance to pass randomization, but it works as of version 2. I did absolutely zero testing though, so beware.


      1. Testing is easy, that’s the players job. 😀

        Seriously, most of the ‘important’ stuff isn’t changed, the big difference is more build variety, spell changes (but they’re still the same number and likely the same location), classes (and the reward that replaced class change) so outside that (which I bet broke it), I bet it was pretty close. I’ll give it a run or two and see what I can do to break….. err…. have fun with it. Much thanks!


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